Food: art or science?

Here’s a topic that is being more widely discussed than ever. I was recently watching a TV show where a chef with 2 Michelin stars was competing against a material scientist in the ultimate cook off! It was fascinating to see the two contrasting views, and the exceptional cuisine that both of them produced. However, beyond what they were busy doing, they made me think about which ‘side’ I am on; and I finally concluded that I still feel that cookery is an art, not a science. This is not to say that I do not find food science fascinating, yet I just feel that producing good food is a very fine, skillful art. I am definitely not at a level to say that my food is ‘fine art’! But I enjoy cooking, and with time  maybe my food will be fine art…

Anyway, below I have gathered some pictures of science created food, and some of food that I find to be incredibly artistic. Let me know what your  views on the topic are and what you think of these dishes…😋

⬆️ this one is my favourite 😂😂😂😂

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