Chocolate avocado cake

Okay, so this recipe sounds extremely bizzare! Why would you use avocado with chocolate?! But rest assured it is absolutely delicious, and furthermore it is gluten, dairy, egg, wheat and nut free… I  found this cake recipe whilst searching through the BBc’s good food website when I was looking for a normal chocolate cake recipe. However me being me I decided to go with this crazy (well … Continue reading Chocolate avocado cake

Mango and chocolate ‘yum’ pots

Exotic! Fresh! Summery! These delicious ‘yum’ pots are just delicious. Made with a crumbly digestive base, layered beneath a mango pulp filling, a thin layer of chocolate on top and topped of with whipped cream! These no fuss, easy and quick desserts will not fail to impress… Makes 6 ‘yum’ pots Ingredients: 452 g of mango pulp 150 ml of fresh double cream 8 chocolate … Continue reading Mango and chocolate ‘yum’ pots

Easy Peasy Chocolate Truffles

I absolutely love rich chocolate truffles, this recipe will make around 30 truffles. You can vary the coatings to suit your taste, but following on with the coconut theme i will be coating mine in desiccated coconut! Ingredients: 100 g softened cream cheese 175 g sifted icing sugar 250 g of melted plain chocolate 1 tsp of vanilla essence Method: In a large mixing bowl, … Continue reading Easy Peasy Chocolate Truffles